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Conventional energy sources are derived from fossil fuels (coal, oil , natural gas) and nuclear power , result in pollution and damage the environment. Since the consumption of fossil fuels is increasing at a very fast rate, they will eventually get depleted. Nuclear wastes are hazardous and difficult to dispose off.Alternative energy sources are renewable energy sources like bio fuels, solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric power cause little or no pollution. Since this energy is derived from an existing natural energy source and is replaced at a faster rate than it is consumed, it is also known as sustainable energy. Most energy sources are ultimately derived from solar energy. Most governments offer several incentives to producers and users of alternative energy sources.

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  • Bio fuels
  • Bio Diesel Manufacturing Unit
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  • Solar cells
  • Installed renewable energy capacity
  • Solar rooftop power generation
  • Solar power generation in 2014 in india
  • MNRE and regulatory bodies in india for renewable energy

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