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Offer from Jayveer Traders/Tao Media

We Can Supply Bio Diesel Manufacturing Unit Capacity of 1TPD (one ton per
day) at the Cost of $ 35,000 USD
We can supply the specific unit specially designed for you
Design Specifications:
1)  The unit and all its components, ie., Catalyst Reactor, Main Reactor,
Glycerol Settling Tank, Biodiesel washing unit, Biodiesel drying unit are
made of Stainless Steel 304 material.
2) All piping connections are of Stainless Steel 304 make.
3) All oil, chemical and water pumps are of standard companies, with
suitable size and quantity to produce 1 ton biodiesel per day.
The unit is capable of processing 50 ltrs per hour  of any oil with a ffa
content of less than 1%.  It is a batch reactor and involves manual labour.
If higher fat contained oils are to be processed, we have to give an
additional equipment whose cost is separate.
Optional equipment:  a) Methanol Recovery
                                   b) Glycerol Purification
                                 c) Pre-processing equipment for processing waste veg oil
4) Support stand is made of MS angles and pipes with electro-plating to give
fine finish and looks.
5)  Water pre-heating tank is made of stainless steel 202 22 gauge.  This
water heating tank is provided with electric immersion heater and also can
be connected to solar-heated water supply to save electricity.
6)  The cost of solar water heater cost is not included as we are currently  not manufacturing that unit.  That unit can be procured locally ( the place of installation) as that process will guarantee a good service from local supplier or you may supply it yourself.
The capacity of solar water heater should be of 25 ltrs or higher.
7)  Power supply needed is standard 230 V single phase.
8)  Soft water (with a pH of 7) should be made available in quantities of  2,000 ltrs per day for washing process for 1 ton biodiesel production per day.
9)  Space requirement is approx.500 sft of covered area with a minimum ht of
15 ft for the main plant, approx. 500 sft of covered are with a minimum ht
of 12 ft for storing raw materials, chemicals and finished goods.  The  factory site should be surrounded by at least 20 ft clearance on  all sides for safety sake and also it is the requirement by  concerned authorities like fire brigade, pollution control, etc.  Safety standards should be similar to lpg cyliner stock point as required by authorities.
We can supply the above-mentioned capacity unit for a cost of Rs.7.65 lakhs.
Plus transport, taxes, installation charges etc.  Installation charges  include travel from Mumbai to installation site for 2 people, stay for 2 people at site for a minimum period of 15 days, local conveyance etc. 
Installation will be done only when the site is completely ready.

This price does not include the following:
1) Raw material storage drums, tanks etc.
2)  Finished goods, biodiesel, glycerol etc storage facilities
3)  Material handling equipment like trollies, drum dollies, drum lifters, etc.
4)  Safety equipment like fire protection equipment, personal safety gadgets
like helmets, gloves, aprons, steel-tipped boots( a must for every  employee), eye wear, breathing apparatus etc.
The total project cost may vary depending upon the size of plant excluding
the cost of land and building.
We are working on designs of  some advanced fire safety equipment and remote
monitoring  for our plant and equipment, the cost of which will be known
within 1 month.

Payment terms and conditions:
1)  75% advance along-with confirmed order.
2)  15% before dispatch of the equipment from Mumbai.
3) Balance 10% immediately after installation, and commission and successful  demonstration of the equipment.
All the equipment will be manufactured at Coimbatore and will be transported  to the client place any where in India or our staff and/or local staff will make abroad and re-erection.  We may source certain materials at the installation site and will be integrated in to the plant as the need arises.
4) Our above-mentioned rates are based on today, i.e., 13th September 2006
market rates for main raw materials like steel, spares, components and
labor.  As these rates are going up almost on daily basis, the
above-mentioned price of $35,000 USD is valid only if the confirmed order
with advance payment of 75% is received on or before 30th September 2006.

If the order is delayed beyond 30th Sept, we will quote again taking into  consideration of that date's market prices.  This decision is irrevocable, as all these conditions are beyond our control.
We keep reviewing our prices every 15 days, ie., 1st and 16th of every  month.


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