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Solar power generation using rooftops
Traditionally the price of electricity depends on the cost of generation and transmission of power to the consumer. Thermal power plants are usually the main source of electricity in most large countries. However since coal is a fossil fuel, the supply of the fossil fuel will get depleted soon, and most developed countries are focussing on alternate energy sources. Rooftop solar power generation has become popular in many developed countries like USA, Germany, France, Australia.

In Queensland, Australia, the cost of electricity reduced to zero, as no power was needed from thermal power plants due to rooftop solar power generation. Other countries are also are trying to encourage people to install solar panels on their rooftop by offering a variety of incentives. While some of the solar power generated will be used inhouse by the home owner or people residing in the building, the remaining power can be fed back into the grid, and the property owner will be paid according to the power they generate.

In some parts of India, like gujarat, rooftop solar has become popular, with home owners getting paid for the solar energy they produce which gets fed to the grid. This application has been implemented in the capital of gujarat, gandhinagar, which is a planned city. There are proposals for installing these systems in other parts of the country, especially in new delhi. However, it is believed that the building should be built in a particular manner, to maximize the solar energy output. Currently the focus remains on installing the solar panels on rooftops of government buildings, which are larger in size


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