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Since there is a big shortage of  electricity in many parts of  India, some companies have introduced a hybrid system consisting a small windmill and a solar panel to generate electricity. This system is installed on terraces and similar open spaces and can supply the power required by common building utilities like lamps in the corridor.

The hybrid wind solar systems are available in power ratings between 1.8kW to 36 kW depending on the size of  the solar panel and capacity of  the wind mill. The smallest unit costs about  Rs 1.5 Lakh. The power generated by the solar panel and the wind mill is stored in the battery and used to meet the electricity requirements whenever required. Under ideal conditions, the system should provide electricity  for 30 years, though the battery has to replaced every five years.

Due to the current cost and size of  the hybrid wind solar system , it is not feasible for an individual to purchase a system  but building societies and apartment complexes may find it a useful alternate source of electricity. The cost of  the hybrid wind solar system can be recovered  from the savings in the electricity bill within a period of  three to six years depending on the size of the unit and capacity utilization.

Societies that install wind mill systems receive a subsidy of  50 percent of the cost of the system and a 75 percent subsidy is available for non profit organizations. Additional 80 per cent depreciation is available on the cost of  the system.

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